The real customer centric CRM

Track leads, close opportunities and get accurate forecasts.

Get Accurate Forecasts

Use hard data to make the best decisions

Acquire all the necessary information required to make those decisions.

Utilize customized dashboards for a swift and comprehensive overview of your business.

Elevate your analysis to a deeper level by leveraging real-time reports and flowcharts.

Do more in less time

Right Tools = Satisfied Employees

Plan activities based on your sales scripts: calls, meetings, mailings and quotes. Get all the information you need, directly on the opportunity: website pages viewed, emails received, etc.

Real-time preview

Easily review your performance & upcoming activities.

Know exactly how you're doing against monthly goals. Organize your work based on your next planned actions.

Stay connected with your customers

Real-time messaging to improve collaboration.

Get a quick overview of what's going on in your team. See when a colleague signs up a call or sends a quote. Share ideas and files in real time and catch up on things you missed while you were away.

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How do I get Leads in the CRM Module?

Leads can be added either manually or through an API interaction with any form on any website. The advantage is that you have the flexibility to design the form to align with the fields in the CRM module, or you can simply create the form, and upon submission, the fields will be automatically generated within the CRM system.

Additionally, through various APIs, you can explore alternative methods to gather leads from different sources. If you have any queries or need assistance with this process, our friendly team is here to help.

When I convert a Lead or Opportunity, can I do quotes from the CRM Module?

Indeed, upon accessing an opportunity or lead, you will find the quotation button, allowing you to send proposals directly to potential customers. This integration keeps all relevant information together with the lead or opportunity and will be reflected in subsequent reports.

These reports will analyze your Sales Team's or individual performance, providing insights into how it aligns with the Sales Targets.

Can Leads be automatically assigned to a Targeted Sales Team / Individual?

Each lead has the flexibility of being assigned automatically to the user who creates it, the team, or a specific individual. The Team settings offer customization options for determining how leads are distributed among team members. Additionally, forms submitted from a website, generating leads in the ERP system, can also be directed to the appropriate recipients.

Notably, the module maintains a record of the lead's source, providing valuable information about its origin.

Is it possible to separate customers, quotes and invoices for each customer so they see only their own things?

Indeed, it is possible to segregate different elements within the ERP system. This can be achieved using "Record Rules," which can be applied to specific User Roles requiring data separation.

These rules allow for intricate customization, ensuring that certain actions can be performed as per the specific needs. In case you encounter any complexities or have specific requirements, our friendly support team is readily available to assist and accommodate your unique needs.